Hello again! I'm so happy that you're here

Wedding planner & organiser,
therapist and your new best friend.

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner I hear you say.

Ah, the classic British trait of perfectionism. Nothing stands in my way of making sure that even the tiniest detail is meticulously thought through and perfected. Catch me to the left here, throwing petals down for the flower girl for extra affect, and yes you will catch me on the day straightening up those napkins and brushing the dirt off your beautiful dress, because that is just me through and through.

I vow to you that nothing will stop me from ensuring that your dream day is anything less than perfect.


I moved to this glorious island back in 2006, during which most of my time was spent photographing weddings. By the time nearly 20 years had passed, I could feel in my heart that I was ready for more... I loved being a part of the weddings, but I yearned to begin planning them myself.

And so I did.

meaningful qualities

Dedication, passion, and friendship.

I believe that you deserve to have the most perfect possible wedding, that will tell your story and reflect yourselves as a couple. And I will make that happen, with a smile on a face and love in my heart.

A refined approach

Whether you need me there from the second you say yes to your partner on their knee, or you just need me to help guide you through the legalities and what have you, I am here for you. Devoted to my island but fluent in your love language, I have endless contacts within the wedding industry. From photographers to officiants, priests to cake makers, countless venues and locations suiting every budget, I can help you in whatever you need.

A bucket full of laughs

I think all of my previous clients can agree that out of everything said, at the end of the day there are things that we can't control. The weather. The chance of cloudy skies, and gusts of wind that blow my meticulously placed napkins off the tables. Guests who have had a few too many. Aunt Frannie and Uncle Tom having a disagreement about what happened all those years ago. But you see, all of these imperfect moments, only add to your perfect day. These unscripted moments evoke feelings and capture snapshot memories that won't be forgotten.

And at the end of it all, I promise you, we will both be laughing together, watching it all unfold.

Photography courtesy of Jessica Maybank, at JessyMayPhotography.